Maskne: 6 Steps to prevent & treat blemishes and pimples from wearing a face mask

Maskne: 6 Steps to prevent & treat blemishes and pimples from wearing a face mask

maskne skincare problemsEven people who have normal and acne free skin are experiencing breakouts from wearing face masks to help slow the spread of Covid.

Learn how to prevent pimples from happening and how to treat your problem skin if you do break out.

Step #1 – wear a mask that fits your face. If your mask doesn’t fit well, it will move around your face and cause irritation to your skin.

Step #2 – wash your mask daily or if you are using a disposable make, change it daily.  Pore clogging dirt and bacteria can get trapped in a dirty mask and cause break outs.

Step #3 – Double cleanse your face every night. A well know cleansing technique of professional estheticians is to cleanse the skin twice. The first cleanse will remove oil, makeup, & dirt. The second cleanse will remove leftover residue and bacteria. Leaving your skin super clean and irritant free.

Step #4 – Once a day or every other day for sensitive skin, exfoliate. Using a gentle exfoliating tool like our favorite spacell or an exfoliating scrub or mask will help keep pores from clogging and producing excess oil.

Step #5 – treat breakouts or pimples with a spot treatment or overnight mask. This will draw out excess oil and reduce swelling while you sleep. Look for products that contain salicylic or glycol acid or an oil absorbing clay to help pimples disappear overnight.

Step #6 – get a professional facial to treat, cleanse and renew your skin. An esthetician will be able to create a customized treatment for you in spa with extractions and personalized masks and serums and create an at home skincare regime to treat occasional maskne flare ups as well other skincare concerns and conditions.