the spavia day spa skin care glossary

the spavia day spa skin care glossary

Close up of a young woman getting a skin care treatment.

at Spavia Springfield, we strive to be the skin care experts while providing a relaxing day spa experience to each of you. we want to help make the complicated, ever-changing world of skin care easy to navigate and result-driven. in order to help, we have created a glossary with clear definitions of terms that apply to treatments we offer at Spavia Springfield. this glossary also provides some explanations of what you need to know about our skin care services and the benefits you can expect after a treatment.


let’s start with the basics: we hear a lot about antioxidants in our food and how they are healthy for us. this is true for skin care as well. antioxidants are the best at fighting free radicals (toxic byproducts of metabolizing oxygen), that cause damage and the signs of aging in skin. antioxidants work as anti-inflammatory agents that promote healing in the body.

hyaluronic acid

surprisingly, this is a sugar molecule, not an acid. hyaluronic acid is a hydrating agent for the skin. the molecule can hold 1,000 times is weight in water and helps skin to hold moisture. hyaluronic acid also reduce dermatitis, redness, and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. there is some promising research into its usage in wound healing and joint pain.

vitamin c

there is a good reason we have an entire facial based around the benefits of vitamin c with our vita-c radiance facial! vitamin c is featured in a number of our treatments due to its many benefits for the skin. this powerhouse vitamin fights free radical damage (signs of aging), brightens dark spots, boosts collagen production, helps with skin repair, and protects the skin from uv rays. did you know that vitamin c can actually thicken the dermis layer of the skin to give you more protection from the sun?

vitamin e

vitamin c and vitamin e are both antioxidants and work better when they are paired together, which is why we often use both in our skin care treatments at our spa. vitamin e supports regeneration on the cellular level which is helpful for healing burns, scars and damage from the sun.

omega 3, 6, and 9

each of the omegas listed above are unsaturated fatty acids. omega 3 and 6 are essential fatty acids which means that they are two of the twenty amino acids that your body needs to function. your body can’t produce omega 3 or 6 so they must come from external sources. that means that what you eat is very important! It’s also why we include these omegas as part of our skin care treatments. omegas are essential to the health and functionality of the cell membrane. the membrane is vital to the cell’s ability to get rid of waste, retain moisture and absorb nutrients. if the cell membrane is healthy, then your skin will be healthy, too.

zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

if you have looked at our site or have received a skin treatment at our spa, then you know we take our sunscreen seriously. we often finish treatments with a mineral sunscreen to give you an extra layer of protection before venturing out into the world. this type of sunscreen only uses naturally occurring minerals to protect your skin from the sun. zinc oxide and titanium dioxide work in tandem to create a physical barrier between your skin and harmful uv rays. this is more effective than chemical sunscreens that absorb into the skin.

at Spavia Springfield, we care about your skin and we hope that our glossary can help simplify your skin care choices so you can relax, escape and thrive.