our spring cleaning solution for radiant skin

our spring cleaning solution for radiant skin

facial mask application on a female model.

It is spring cleaning season again – and that goes for your skin, too! this is the perfect time for a facial treatment from Spavia Springfield?! your pores can collect oil and dirt from the environment. if left untreated, these clogged pores can develop into open or closed comedones (blackheads and whiteheads). for healthy skin, it is vital to have regular skin care facial treatments from a professional day spa. you can then supplement these treatments with home care using your favorite products. in the spirit of spring cleaning, we are going to explain exactly what is involved in our deep cleanse facial treatment.

specialized treatment

we know it is important to give you all the information so you can make an informed decision about your facial treatment options. our specialists will make a professional and individualized assessment of your skin. Spavia Springfield? is a full-service day spa, so we will be sure to find the right treatment option for you. the beginning of every treatment involves gathering essential information about your skin care history as well as any pertinent medical information or personal preferences that we need to be aware of. this helps us provide custom care based on your needs.

the deep cleanse

once we have this information we can move onto the fun part: the treatment itself. the deep cleanse facial is a true spring cleaning for your skin. if you have acne prone skin that you would like to treat, this is a very helpful facial. our deep cleanse facial uses salicylic acid as an active ingredient. this product is a beta hydroxy acid that is great at getting rid of pimples. salicylic acid is more effective in fighting acne because its molecular structure allows the product to be oil soluble, so the acid can penetrate your pores.

salicylic acid is also a keratolytic medication, meaning that it promotes exfoliation of the top layer of skin cells. this also allows for a deeper cleaning of the skin, which is why we have named this treatment, the deep cleanse facial.

our treatment includes a mask with salicylic acid as well as extractions (to get out stubborn dirt and oil). this also serves to minimize pores and heal your skin. we also make sure to moisturize your face with essential vitamin nourishment. during your facial, you will also receive a hydrating and restorative hand treatment. we are a full-service day spa, so we pull out all the stops: you’ll even receive a hot stone neck and shoulder massage at no additional charge.

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