our 3 favorite anti-aging spa treatments

our 3 favorite anti-aging spa treatments

as time ticks on, you do not have to; press the “pause” button on your day to unwind and take a break. it is time to revitalize and illuminate your youthful glow. aging is a natural occurrence and it can be done with grace. keeping fresh and rejuvenated are just a few keys to unlock the glory of aging. these top three anti-aging defense spa treatments will help reveal desired results.

treatment 1: facial treatment.

with a spavia age defense facial treatment, we rejuvenate the top layers of your skin with vitamin-rich enzymes and peptides. vitamin-rich botanical stem cells and antioxidants plump and hydrate aging skin. this facial targets fine lines and wrinkles, bringing to life a youthful glow with increased elasticity and firmer skin. enjoy a more radiant, youthful face with spavia age defense facial treatment.

treatment 2: anti-aging perfecting wrap.

focus on your body’s skin with an anti-aging perfecting wrap. skin often gets neglected in younger years, which impacts the skins longevity. with a spavia body wrap, your treatment starts off with a full-body mask, filled with alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate and rejuvenate the entire body, creating smooth, glowing skin. alpha hydroxy acids are also known to revitalize skin from sun damage and can even reduce age spots to create a smooth, even skin tone. the next step in the treatment brings soft and silky skin to life with organic oil hydration. we use omega-3, omega-6, antioxidants, and vitamins a, b, c and e to polish your skin for a healthy look and feel. receive an orange blossom hand and foot treatment in addition to a fijian warm-oil scalp massage to top it all off. it is the perfect anti-aging body wrap.

treatment 3: hot stone massage

stress can cause premature signs of aging. it attacks the body’s muscles, which causes a great lack of both strength and energy. stress happens, but it does not need to stay with you. join us at Spavia Springfield with a destressing hot stone massage. warm basalt river stones melt the muscles and withdraw the toxins caused by stress, allowing your body to restore a healthy balance. a hot stone massage at spavia can help reduce the unwanted outcomes of aging.

there are countless tips and tricks to prevent aging, but these three treatments are the keys to age with grace. discover Spavia Springfield and start your very own anti-aging regimen with our specialists to guide you.