everyday self-care tips for your busy life

everyday self-care tips for your busy life

Woman getting a massage treatment, side view.

we know it is challenging to make time for yourself. it can even be difficult to get to a full-service day spa with everything you have going on. it takes courage to be mindful and to devote time, effort, energy and resources to your personal well-being. between work and family demanding your time, it can seem impossible to get a moment to yourself. investing in yourself is one of the best ways to rejuvenate so you give back to other people in your life. at Spavia Springfield, our job is to make your life easier.

we have flexible hours so you can relax after work or on the weekend. our guest advisors are trained to provide every guest with the information they need to choose the best result-driven, treatment for their specific needs. with affordable pricing and monthly membership, everyone can enjoy the Spavia Springfield experience. whether you want to ease your muscles with a swedish massage or refresh your skin with a skin care treatment, Spavia Springfield is here for you. when you can’t get to the spa, there are some practices you can implement in your daily life to make things a little more peaceful. let go of the need for perfection and embrace an attitude of acceptance. it is the learning, growing and experiencing in life where the joy truly lies.


mindfulness is more than just a buzzword! it is not a fancy or complicated concept – just a way of interpreting your thoughts and emotions. an important part of mindfulness is self-care. it incorporates listening to your mind and body in order to give yourself what you truly need.

we have thousands of thoughts a day and it can be easy to get caught up in the negative ones. a simple mindfulness visualization will help you acknowledge any negative or anxiety-inducing thoughts and without judgement, place those thoughts on a lily pad. then watch the lily pad float away in your mind’s eye. it may seem odd or silly at first but getting wrapped up in negative thoughts can lead to a spiral which can negatively affect your mental and physical well-being. simply allowing your thoughts to exist can help you to best deal with the situation at hand and not get overwhelmed.

the same can be applied in mindfulness practice with regards to feelings. no one likes feeling sad, frustrated or angry, but these emotions are all part of the human experience. when you experience one of these emotions, become curious about how you are reacting to it. do you feel tightness in your chest or does your stomach experience the sensation of dropping? leaning into your emotions, rather than our natural inclination to shy away, can lessen their negative impact. you can take away the power of the feeling by allowing it to be and not fighting it.

self-care practices

you will be better equipped to practice mindfulness and deal with trying experiences if you engage in self care. getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet are crucial to your overall well-being. our bodies show many signs and give us clues to let us know what we need. coming into the welcoming environment of Spavia Springfield can help as well. massaging your tired muscles can help combat pain and stiffness in addition to releasing toxins. a hydrating hand or foot treatment can refresh and renew. be empowered through self-care when you listen to your body’s intuition. contact a guest advisor today to relax, escape and thrive.