lash extension refill treatment

Keep your lashes endlessly beautiful with routine lash set refills. Our specialists recommend lash extension guests return every two to four weeks with at least 50 percent of lashes still remaining. Please be advised an assessment will be made at time of service for quality and quantity of existing lashes. If more than 50 percent of lashes have shed, a full eyelash set may need to be rescheduled.

Standard Lashes

  • Basic lash refill – approximately 40 minutes
  • Natural lash refill – approximately 60 minutes
  • Extended lash refill – approximately 80 minutes

Select Lashes

  • Classic set refill – approximately 50 minutes
  • Hybrid set refill – approximately 60 minutes
  • Volume set refill – approximately 70 minutes
additional options for standard and select lashes
  • mini refill – approximately 30 minutes
  • lash boost – approximately 20 minutes