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skincare for cold weather

Woman with clear skin getting a facial

 the cold weather brings on a slew of skin side-effects that complicate your perfected skincare routine. we’re talking about dryness, irritation, flakiness, and itchiness, to name a few. when temps fall and the humidity diminishes, our skin is at its driest. luckily, there are many skincare tips and tricks out there to keep your skin healthy and hydrated this season.

Spavia day spa has many facial treatments designed to restore moisture to parched skin. keep your skin feeling quenched and fresh with a hydrating facial from Spavia day spa.

avoid hot water

exposing yourself to piping hot water for too long will severely rob your skin of its natural moisture. although hot showers are popular during the colder months, try to keep your showers under fifteen minutes and only use warm water.

you should avoid hot water while washing your face as well. this can strip the natural oil and moisture from your skin, and your face could start to develop dry patches. sticking to lukewarm water for the skin is a must during cooler weather.

this habit will also keep your scalp hydrated and safe from dandruff. our fijan warm-oil scalp treatment is perfect for keeping your scalp and hair hydrated as well. we use a traditional fijan coconut bowl to drizzle warmed nut oils on your scalp and neck. the product is massaged into your skin and hair, restoring balance and leaving your hair shiny and healthy. due to the oils used during the treatment, this is not suited for people with nut allergies.

switch up your skincare routine

the key to your new winter routine is going to be adding moisture back into your skin. look for water-based products because these will restore your skin’s natural moisture. try layering an organic oil under your foundation or applying a serum as part of your makeup application and removal process. this is a great way to give your skin a great, big drink of water.

speaking of quenching your skin, our hydraderm facial is designed to rejuvenate the skin’s moisture. our most advanced technology, diamond tone microdermabrasion, resurfaces the skin to create a smooth, fresh, more youthful glow. deeply penetrating serums help correct and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well.


scrubbing dead skin cells away will be extremely beneficial to your skin this season. exfoliate in moderation as, too much rubbing can irritate your skin, but make sure to replenish your skin every once in a while, with a natural exfoliant.

Spavia day spa offers the skin renewing sugar glow facial treatment which is a full body scrub that leaves your skin feeling luscious and renewed. the scrub consists of nut oils and fruit enzymes that are meant to assist in exfoliation and nourishment. a coconut milk blend is used to help lift and eliminate dead skin. the treatment will strengthen the skin’s elasticity and replenish moisture loss for the ultimate, healthy glow. this is also not suited for people with nut allergies.

relax, escape, and thrive with Spavia day spa’s hydrating skin treatments. find a spa near you today.