For an athlete in knead

  • relax and soothe your strained muscle groups with hot stone, stretching, and deep kneading
  • escape the odds of injury with help from our expert therapists
  • thrive in your sport with improved flexibility and mobility

sports massage

Let a trained massage therapist soothe strained muscle groups with a personalized deep tissue sports massage at spavia day spa in Pleasant Hill. Our massage therapists recommend this body treatment for the active and serious athlete.

We customize each therapy based on the sport you play, history of injury, and desired outcome. Our massage therapists are trained to work with sports injuries to ensure maximum comfort during your treatment. We ask that you share areas of concern prior to your appointment so we can develop a personalized massage just for you.

Each sports massage treatment includes stretching and deep kneading. This helps ease tension found in tight muscle groups and surrounding areas. The gentle form of stretching through both deep and light elongated strides help stimulate muscle healing, so you can get back to the game quickly.

Intensive training demands proper muscle recovery time. Massage therapy is a great way to improve your recovery by stimulating the release of lactic acid for muscle repair. Get the relief your muscles need so you can return to training and game preparation. Schedule your sports massage at spavia in Pleasant Hill today. Our guest advisors and massage therapists look forward to helping you achieve your athletic goals!