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Self-care and personal wellness are now more important than ever. Schedule a relaxing day at the spa or better yet, make it a special day for two.

Monday - Thursday only

Signature Massage

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60 Min - $79
80 Min - $99
100 Min - $119
(Price after $30 Discount)

Our massage therapists relax your entire body using long, gliding movements to improve circulation and relieve muscle pain. This tension-relieving massage is our most popular option, with your choice of scented massage lotion, to create a personalized and deeply, relaxing experience.

Monday - Thursday only

Signature Facial

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50 Min - $79
(Price after $30 Discount)

A facial for all skin types, even the most sensitive, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed with a healthy glow. The Signature Facial includes a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation with an enzyme mask, extractions to remove impurities and relaxing facial massage with complete hydration. Great for a first time facial or maintenance within your skin care regimen.

Additional Services

The following services are also available at regular price.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Min - $129
80 Min - $149
100 Min - $169

Our deeply corrective massage releases muscle tension and toxins from the body. Our specialists will help to relieve pain and discomfort in congested areas within muscles, tendons and ligaments due to stress, injury, or overuse to restore proper range of motion, leaving your body in a state of relaxation and gratitude.

Four Hand Massage

60 Min - $218
80 Min - $258

Reach euphoria with our ultimate luxury massage as two specialists work together to deliver your Spavia Signature Massage treatment. Your body will thank you for asking for four hands to help you reach total and absolute relaxation. Consider this special tandem massage treatment after a move, a stressful week at work, or exhaustion from kids and housework.

Hot Stone Massage

60 Min - $129
80 Min - $149
100 Min - $169

Experience the deepest form of relaxation with our hot stone massage therapy. Your muscles will melt under warm basalt river stones that deeply penetrate tense muscles, releasing toxins. Restore balance to your body and leave feeling calmer, more reentered and stress-free.

Maternity Massage

60 Min - $109
80 Min - $129

During our prenatal massage specialists provide expectant mothers with the ultimate form of relaxation. Designed especially for mom-to-be, our maternity massage helps promote circulation, relieve water retention and also helps target fatigue, sciatic pain and muscle aches. Let our specialists take care of you while you prepare to take care of your little one.

Second and third trimesters only.

Sports Massage

60 Min - $129
80 Min - $149
100 Min - $169

A relaxing combination of hot stones, stretching and therapeutic massage. Our sports massage eases tension in tight muscles, stimulates healing and decreases recovery time from intensive training and long, stressful days. Massage combined with hot stones, stretching and deep kneading eases tension in tight muscles, stimulating healing and improving recovery time from intensive training and long, stressful days.

Traveling Chair Massage

60 Min - $109
90 Min - $149

Invite Spavia to travel to your office or place of business and help your team relax! Great for team recognition, a reward for meeting goals, teacher appreciation or just to ease the stress of the job! Our specialists provide upper body massage and ease the tension in the shoulders, back, neck and hands… perfect for those sitting and working on a computer!

Your team will appreciate the relaxation at work and a great way to improve morale!

2-hour minimum plus gratuity

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