natural lash set refills in Natick

replenish your glamorous look with eyelash extension refill sets from spavia day spa in Natick, MA

* pricing and services vary by location

  • fire | corrective
  • water | maintenance
  • stones | preventative
spavia eyelash extension refill treatment schedule spavia eyelash extension refill treatment schedule

eyelash extension refill treatment

Keep your lashes endlessly beautiful with routine lash set refills at spavia day spa in Natick, MA. Our beauty spa specialists recommend that all guests with eyelash extensions from spavia return every two to four weeks for a lash set refill. At the time of lash refill treatment, our specialists will inspect quality and quantity of existing lashes. If more than 50 percent of lashes have shed, a full eyelash extension treatment may need to be rescheduled.

  • Basic lash refill – approximately 40 minutes
  • Natural lash refill – approximately 60 minutes
  • Extended lash refill – approximately 80 minutes

Let us keep your eyelashes effortlessly beautiful. Schedule a lash set refill treatment at your local spavia in Natick today!

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