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A men's retreat, high performance massage and skincare treatments just for men.

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Reach total relaxation. Renew your skin with men’s massage and result driven skincare treatments from your local Spavia Day Spa. Massages and facials are for men to relax your muscles and attention to your skin. Spavia can help you recover from the everyday strain and tension on your back, neck, and shoulders to be at your best for upcoming special events. Set aside the hustle of your daily routines and make time for yourself. Today, recharge and refocus your mind with the award-winning men’s spa services at a Spavia Day Spa near you. Our most popular men’s spa treatments include sports massages, deep tissue massages, hydrating and corrective facials, waxing, and much more.

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*Prices and treatments vary by location

Men’s Deep Tissue Massage

60 Min - $119
80 Min - $139
100 Min - $159

Our Deep Tissue massage is our second most popular massage for both men and women. This treatment is a deeply, corrective massage that releases muscle tensions and toxins from the body’s congested muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Our specialists are trained to focus on these areas to alleviate pain and discomfort, rebalancing muscles to restore proper range of motion. Enjoy long-lasting results and feel better with this men’s massage treatment.

Men’s Hot Stone Massage

60 Min - $119
80 Min - $139
100 Min - $159

Experience the deepest form of relaxation with our hot stone massage therapy. Your muscles will melt under warm basalt river stones that deeply penetrate tense muscles, releasing toxins. Restore balance to your body, and leave feeling calmer, more relaxed and stress-free.

Men’s Signature Four-Hand Massage

60 Min - $198
80 Min - $238

Reach euphoria with our ultimate, luxury massage as two specialists, simultaneously, work on your body. A deep, muscle treatment men’s massage therapy to help you achieve relaxation and muscle relief.

Men’s Signature Massage

60 Min - $99
80 Min - $119
100 Min - $139

Our specialist relax your entire body using long, gliding movements to improve circulation and relieve muscle pain. This tension-relieving massage is our most popular option, with your choice of massage lotion, to create a personalized and deeply, relaxing experience.

Men’s Sports Massage

60 Min - $119
80 Min - $139
100 Min - $159

A relaxing combination of hot stones, stretching and therapeutic massage. Our sports massage eases tension in tight muscles, stimulates healing and decreases recovery time from intensive training and long, stressful days.

Men’s Traveling Chair Massage

60 Min - $99
90 Min - $139

Invite Spavia to travel to your office or place of business and help your team relax! Great for team recognition, a reward for meeting goals, teacher appreciation or just to ease the stress of the job! Our specialists provide upper body massage and ease the tension in the shoulders, back, neck and hands. Perfect for those sitting and working on a computer! Your team will appreciate the relaxation at work and a great way to improve morale!
120 min+ minimum plus gratuity

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