What’s Better for Your Skin: A Shave or a Wax?

What’s Better for Your Skin: A Shave or a Wax?

Have you ever debated which hair removal method is the best option – waxing or shaving?

Hair removal techniques have been around for centuries, yet it is still difficult to choose which one is the most beneficial. With similar results, the question remains: Which one is better for your skin? Look no further – we will explore the two methods and their benefits.


Shaving is a hair removal technique that involves the use of a blade, usually a razor. It cuts the hair shaft to where it exits the skin, very close to the skin’s surface. Shaving is a fast, affordable way to remove hair.

The one major difference between waxing and shaving is how long the results last. If you want your skin to stay smooth and hair-free, you will need to shave anywhere from every day to every three days. Because of the frequency, this method can cause inflammation and irritation due to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and even cuts or nicks. Failing to properly sanitize your razor or using a blunt razor can even lead to infections! Moreover, because shaving only removes hair on the surface level, it also appears thicker and more stubbly as it grows in.


Since shaving requires a razor, choosing the best one is of the utmost importance. There are several types of razors available, depending on the type of hair, body part, and of course, budget.

Never, ever shave dry as this can cause more complications. Use shaving cream beforehand and apply moisturizing products afterward. Products designed for sensitive skincare, which are often made with shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and oatmeal, are best for relieving irritation caused by shaving. Lastly, make sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs.

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Waxing is a method of removing body hair using warm wax to quickly remove the entire hair from the root. Because waxing removes hair from the root, the hair does not grow back quickly. A session can leave one area hair-free for three to four weeks saving you time, unlike shaving. Over time, the hair also grows back thinner and lighter making ingrown hairs less likely. In addition, since the wax also removes the topmost layers of the skin, it doubles as an exfoliation process, leaving skin smoother, bump-free, and itch-free even as hair grows back.

At Spavia, our certified estheticians use the highest quality wax which saves you time and provides smooth, long-lasting results.

Before your wax treatment we recommend:

● Ensure the hair is ¼ – ½ inch long to be effective
● Lightly exfoliate the skin 24 to 48 hours prior
● Please refrain from tanning, and limit your intake of caffeine and nicotine prior to treatment.
● To help reduce pain, pain reducers such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol can be taken 30-45 minutes prior to treatment.

So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to that unwanted hair without the effort and schedule your waxing appointment today at Spavia Maple Grove!

Article specially written for spaviadayspa.com
By Alice Andrews