Tips and Tricks for Men at Spavia Maple Grove

Tips and Tricks for Men at Spavia Maple Grove

Men recognition in our spas is important to the Spavia Maple Grove community and we are happy to offer result-driven treatments for men that will keep them coming back for more! We want to celebrate Father’s Day month by digging into a few tips and tricks for men that will leave their skin looking fresh, muscles relaxed, and mind stress-free.

Men Skin Care:

Spavia Maple Grove knows that an effective skin care regimen for men is a powerful tool to combat the after-effects of shaving, exercising, work stress, and more. So, we offer a facial designed specifically for men that will work for all skin types: our Skin Fix Facial. The Men’s Skin Fix Facial targets dry skin from shaving and will cleanse and exfoliate the skin to give it a burst of rehydration.

Here are a few of the products used in the Men’s Skin Fix Facial:

  • Comfort Zone Essential Scrub: A dual exfoliant scrub made with Silica particles and Jojoba spheres to remove impurities and brighten the skin.
  • Comfort Zone Renight Antioxidant Nourishing Mask: Restoring mask made with organic Goji Berry Oil, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid to soothe and hydrate dry skin.
  • Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream Gel: Fresh, hydrating gel that is formulated with Macro Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and brighten dry skin.

Below is also a list of Spavia product recommendations that are a must need for men!

Self-care to soothe aches and pains:

  • CAUSE+MEDIC Pain Cream
  • RAD Roller, RAD helix, and RAD balls
  • Therapeutic Cream

Skin care must-haves to keep men’s skin healthy and hydrated:

  • Image Matte Sunscreen
  • Image Vital C Serum
  • Comfort Zone Essential Face Wash
  • Comfort Zone Remedy Serum

A facial treatment at Spavia Maple Grove or simply taking 5-10 minutes each night to go through a skin care regimen will provide that time for him to recenter and renew after long days.

Massage Therapy:

If he loves participating in casual sports leagues over the weekends or hits the gym every week, massage treatments will be his key to relaxation and recovery.

One of our most popular men’s treatments is the Deep Tissue Therapeutic Treatment that is a deeply corrective massage that releases muscle tensions and toxins from the body to alleviate pain and discomfort in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This treatment is designed to help restore proper range of motion so that he can continue to be active and healthy!

A few dads from our Spavia Day Spa community are here to give us insight into the benefits they experience from our massage treatments and products!

Meet Ben, owner of Spavia Thornwood!
Father and son enjoying time together at Spavia Thornwood

What are your favorite treatments at Spavia and why?

I’ve got to go with the 80-minute Deep Tissue Massage. Regularly receiving a massage keeps my body happy. I’ll admit that the 20 additional minutes makes a significant difference in the therapeutic benefits.

How do Spavia treatments play a role in your life?

Since I opened Spavia Thornwood, I have been regularly getting massages. I have found that I emerge from a massage feeling great and ready to tackle the day. In addition, my sleep quality and ability to concentrate have improved over time.

If you have tried the CAUSE+MEDIC CBD products, when do you find them best to use?

I have benefitted from the CAUSE+MEDIC CBD pain cream before and after workouts. It does a good job of reducing the pain in my lower back.

Meet West, owner of Spavia Elmhurst!

If you have tried the CAUSE+MEDIC CBD products, when do you find them best to use?

CAUSE+MEDIC CBD products are great for those days after overdoing it in the yard or playing football with my son. I typically use the pain cream and follow it up with a warm neck pillow to help it penetrate the muscle.

Do you have any tips for other men who have never received a spa treatment before?

Specialists are great at reading a guest’s body language during the treatment, but they aren’t mind readers. Make sure to give feedback throughout the treatment so they are able to adjust the treatment to give you the best results. Spas aren’t just for women anymore! More and more men are coming in because they see both the physical and mental health benefits.

Meet Chris, a massage therapist at Spavia Park Meadows!
Father and son enjoying time together after a Deep Tissue Therapy treatment

What are your favorite treatments at Spavia and why?

My favorite treatments are the Salt Stone and Sports Massage Treatment. I work with many athletic individuals and both treatments help me and my guests. The heat from the stones in both treatments is best for guests who ache after a long run or a great workout.

What are some of your favorite products from Spavia?

I like to use the CAUSE+MEDIC CBD muscle balm most because it really helps sore muscles. My guests love the tingling sensation the balm gives, and I like it because it relieves the tension to loosen up sore and aching muscles.

If you have tried the CAUSE+MEDIC CBD and/or the Hypervolt products, when do you find them best to use?

I have used both and I let many of my guests know about how they can use the CAUSE+MEDIC CBD oil, butter, or balm at home in between their monthly treatments. The Hypervolt treatment I find is best used when a guest schedules a last-minute appointment. I know that a last-minute appointment usually means they are hurting. When they arrive, I find out where they hurt and recommend the Hypervolt to help me warm up the tissue before I begin the massage.

Make this year’s Father’s Day special by treating him to a spa retreat that can be the beginning of his journey to new self-care. Schedule his relaxation at Spavia Maple Grove today!