Spa in Plymouth

Spa in Plymouth

If you’re looking for a spa in Plymouth whose guiding principles focus on making self-care an integral part of the modern lifestyle, turn to Spavia® Maple Grove. We understand the value of taking the time to relax and unwind. By immersing yourself in the tranquil environment we’ve created for the comfort of our guests, you can renew your energy and emerge revitalized. Simply carving a bit of time out of your busy day-to-day life will help you recharge and improve your mental and physical health. Rather than feeling continually burned out, you can approach life’s many challenges head-on!

Discover the Guiding Principles of Our Spa in Plymouth

It’s our goal to make the spa experience an affordable luxury everyone can enjoy on a regular basis. This is our spalosophy. In order to ensurespa in plymouth all our guests can reap the benefits of our many treatment options, we always strive to maintain the following:

  • Consistency. You can look forward to experiencing the same high level of service each and every time you visit us. Our insistence upon consistency allows guests to simply relax and trust our therapists and estheticians to provide the personalized, attentive care they expect.
  • Generosity. Since we focus on inner renewal in addition to physical restoration, we recognize the importance of generating positive change in our environment. A portion of our earnings is specifically designated for charity efforts that can benefit the local community and bring peace and harmony to those in need.
  • Intuition. We believe in the transformative power of an immersive experience, which is why we aim to make every one of our treatments a full experience rather than an individual service. From our retreat room to our aromatherapy neck pillows and signature tea, we’ve used our intuition to incorporate crucial details into a cohesive journey of relaxation.

Escape to Our Spa in Plymouth for Affordable Luxury

Relaxation is just around the corner at Spavia Maple Grove! We’re excited to invite you into a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere where you can feel totally at ease. If you’re in search of a way to engage in self-care more often, we have an extensive treatment selection for you to experience.

You can easily reach us if you’re located in:

  • Plymouth
  • Maple Grove
  • Rogers
  • Minnetonka
  • Medina
  • Or a community in the surrounding areas

Learn more about the values guiding our spalosophy at Spavia Maple Grove today! Call (763) 923-7000 for details about scheduling your first relaxing visit to our spa in the Plymouth area.