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A men's retreat, high performance massage and skincare treatments just for men.

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Take time for self-care and total relaxation with our men’s result-driven massages and facials from your local Spavia Day Spa.  Set aside the everyday demands, the hustle of life and let Spavia help you de-stress with our award winning spa treatments. Relax and recenter with our most popular men’s treatments; deep tissue, sports massage, skin fix facial, age defense facial, waxing and more!

Explore our many men’s treatments treatments and schedule your relaxation at a Spavia Day Spa near you today.

*Prices and treatments vary by location

Men’s Deep Tissue Therapeutic

60 Min - $119
80 Min - $139
100 Min - $159

Our Spavia Maple Grove deep tissue signature massage is our second most popular for both men and women. This treatment is a deeply corrective massage that releases muscle tensions and toxins from the body in congested muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Our specialists are trained to focus on these areas to alleviate pain and discomfort, rebalancing muscles to restore proper range of motion. Feel better and enjoy long-lasting results with this massage treatment for men.

Men’s Four-Hand Massage

60 Min - $198
80 Min - $238

Reach euphoria with our ultimate luxury massage as two specialists work together to deliver your Spavia Maple Grove Signature Massage treatment. Your body will thank you for asking for four hands to help you reach total and absolute relaxation. Consider this special tandem massage treatment after a move, a stressful week at work, or exhaustion from kids and housework.

Men’s Salt Stone Therapy

60 Min - $119
80 Min - $139
100 Min - $159

Straight from the Himalayan mountains, hand-carved salt stones turn the typical hot stone massage into not just a relaxing experience, but a therapeutic one as well. Salt stones contain 84 minerals which restores balance to your body while nourishing depleted muscles. Let your muscles melt under warm, salt stones that deeply penetrate tense muscles, releasing tension and toxins, leaving the body totally relaxed and renewed.

Request a Men’s Salt Stone Massage the next time you visit Spavia Maple Grove to achieve a calm, balanced state of mind. It’s the ultimate relaxation.

Men’s Signature Massage

60 Min - $99
80 Min - $119
100 Min - $139

Let our Spavia Maple Grove specialists work out those knots and stiff, sore spots by gently stretching your muscles with long fluid movements. This tension-relieving massage is our most popular option, and you have your choice of massage lotion to create a personalized and deeply relaxing experience.

Men’s Skin Fix Facial

50 Min - $99

A facial for all skin types, even for the most sensitive skin. Our Spavia Maple Grove men’s facial is specifically designed to combat dry skins caused by shaving, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed with a healthy glow. Includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliating mask to replenish your skin’s natural oils, and extractions to remove impurities. Enjoy a facial massage for ultimate relaxation and finish with complete re-hydration and sunscreen application.

* See our skin care for a full line of facials

Men’s Sports Massage

60 Min - $119
80 Min - $139
100 Min - $159

Great for the active and the serious athlete. A customized massage to soothe strained muscle groups that may include all aspects of massage, determined by each guest’s level of athleticism. Massage combined with stretching to ease tension in tight muscles, stimulating healing and improving recovery time from intensive training and long, stressful days.

Request a Men’s Sports Massage the next time you visit Spavia Maple Grove to achieve a calm, balanced state of mind. It’s the ultimate relaxation.

Men’s Traveling Chair Massage

60 Min - $99
90 Min - $139

Our Spavia massage therapists are on the move! Invite our specialists to your Maple Grove-area office for corporate traveling chair massages that will leave everyone feeling relaxed and restored. Chair massages allow our massage therapists to focus on your upper body, with emphasis on the neck and shoulders: exactly where most office workers carry their tension. This is a great way to improve office morale and help your team recharge, especially following a major accomplishment or challenging season.

Our massage therapists use many techniques including Swedish massage to release trapped toxins for improved muscle function. Our massages also reduce stress and encourage a productive work environment.

Traveling chair massages are also available for parties and special events. To reserve chair massages for your event, please contact the guest advisors of Spavia in Maple Grove. We look forward to helping you and your team relax.

*Special note: 2-hour minimum plus gratuity