Where Can I Get The Best Facial?

Where Can I Get The Best Facial?

A lot of people ask the question… Where can I get the best facial? Spavia Longmont is the easiest answer I can give you! At Spavia Longmont, licensed estheticians offer results-driven and award-winning facials and skincare treatments to help you look and feel your absolute best. Spavia facials not only provide the relaxation you deserve but deliver both outstanding and noticeable results. Spavia’s licensed estheticians will consult with you regarding your skincare concerns, goals, lifestyle, habits, and diet to ensure you receive customized recommendations for maximum results.

Whatever you may be looking for in a facial, whether it is a deep cleansing, anti-aging properties, or to treat sun damage, Spavia is here to help you reach your goals. Our day spa offers several different facials for many skin types and skincare concerns. The selection includes a range of clinical, natural origin, and organic ingredients, as well as gluten-free and vegan options! Choose from some of our most popular treatments such as the Signature Classic Refresh Facial, Age Defense Facial, Microdermabrasion, or our Revitalizing Lift. If you are not sure which facial is best suited to your skin type or concern, contact Spavia Longmont and our expert guest advisors will consult and address for the best selection for your skincare needs.

What Is the Importance of Getting A Spavia Longmont Facial?

You will fall in love with the results-driven benefits that will be apparent after your treatment. Facials are a great addition to your self-care regimen with several benefits. A regularly scheduled facial helps to unclog pores, provide hydration, increase circulation, exfoliate dead skin cells to provide a brighter, smoother complexion, as well as an increased cell turnover that stimulates collagen production. Relax your facial muscles to slow the onset of wrinkles as you target aging with a facial treatment.

What Facial Products Do We Use?

Spavia Longmont uses and retails clean, results-driven facial products because our licensed estheticians want to use the best products for your skin. We’ve conducted extensive research to discover the best in skincare products. I know that you will love any of our skincare products from Comfort Zone, Image Skincare, and Farmhouse Fresh.

Comfort Zone is Spavia’s most recent addition to its skincare line-up and their “conscious skin science” philosophy is an approach to skincare that will excite and motivate you to try it out right away! Their science-based and sustainable beauty brand offers product formulas that are made with 80-100% rich natural origin ingredients and will deliver results for all skin conditions.

Our skin is constantly changing, and Image Skincare’s physician-formulated products are made with clean and clinically active ingredients that can keep up with those changes caused by your fast-moving lifestyle. Care and expertise are important ingredients included in their products to efficiently target difficult skincare concerns. Image Skincare has been a core skincare brand of Spavia Longmont that our guests love, and we have seen amazing results over the years!

Farmhouse Fresh skincare products offer fun, results-driven, seasonal facial treatments. A farm to table approach, crafted around delicious food and drinks, with natural and organic ingredients made with fresh ingredients grown from local farms. Their precision and dedication in the way their products are made differentiate them as skincare products. These naturally derived, clean ingredients will leave your face feeling healthy and many of the products are softly scented with natural fragrances that are refreshing and revitalizing.

Let Us Treat You to A Luxurious Facial!

Our team of licensed estheticians will provide a customized assessment to deliver your desired results to continue taking care of your skin beyond your spa visit. Take home a customized selection of skincare products for a routine that works best for your skincare needs.

At Spavia Longmont, it is important to treat our guests in a way that will provide positive change and an opportunity to relax, recenter, and renew as a result of your treatment. Contact us today to schedule your next treatment!