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learn how to identify and care for your skin type

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we’ve all heard the saying, “be comfortable with the skin you’re in”, but how can you be comfortable if you don’t even know your skin? when you know your skin type, not only will your skincare routine become simpler and more effective, but also your makeup application will be much more enjoyable! here at Spavia day spa, we believe in catering to each skin type for the best results possible. our facial treatments are designed to provide your specific skin type with the necessary nutrients and vitamins to thrive.

with a simple skin analysis, you can avoid making skin care mistakes which lead to breakouts, irritation, inflammation, and even premature aging. read on to identify your skin type and to find out what it’s thirsty for!

oily skin

the top signs of oily skin are shiny, greasy, and large, visible pores. the amount of shine will increase throughout the day and can ruin your perfectly blended foundation or freshly washed face.

the best way to take care of your oily skin is to avoid ingredients like mineral oil and alcohol. products that say “oil-free” on the label are going to be your best friend. try chemical exfoliants and clay masks, as these will still nourish the skin while controlling oil production. while limiting oil production is key, it’s important not to over-wash your face. this can cause your pores to produce more oil to compensate for how much you are stripping away.

Spavia day spa offers a deep cleansing facial that cleanses, purifies, and aids in the healing of acne and troubled areas. it includes beta acids, extractions and a healing mask that helps minimize the appearance of pores and heals irritated skin, facilitating the elimination of excess oil.

dry skin

does your skin often feel tight, rough, red, itchy and flaky? hello and welcome to dry skin. people with dry skin may also experience eczema or dermatitis due to the lack of moisture being produced by the skin.

to care for dry skin, use rich moisturizers several times a day to seal in dewiness. look for water-based products and make sure you’re drinking a lot of water throughout the day! another pro-tip is to keep the air in your home warm and moist to aid in hydrating your skin.

the best facial we offer for our dry skin members is the hydraderm facial. dry skin highlights fine lines and wrinkles, so we use deeply penetrating serums to help correct and improve the appearance of the creases. hydraderm also features diamond tone microdermabrasion to rejuvenate your skin and give it a fresh and youthful look and feel.

combination skin

combination skin is quite common and consists of two contrasting skin types: oily and dry. your t-zone will typically be oily with larger pores, leaving your cheeks, and chin area dry.

the most beneficial way to treat the different areas on your face is to use a multitude of products. concentrate hydrating products on your cheeks and chin while using oil-controlling products on your nose and forehead. this will take a little extra time but targeting both of your skin types is well worth the extra effort. try using toners and balancing cream to even out your complexion as well!

Spavia day spa offers a balancing facial that will be perfect for this skin type. we use organic ingredients and antioxidants to restore and rebalance your skin. this facial treatment will soothe, heal, and deliver essential nutrients to bring balance back to your complexion.

normal skin

having normal skin means that you are not too oily or too dry— you’re just right! you’ll know you have normal skin if you have few imperfections, no severe sensitivity and barely visible pores. if you have normal skin, you already have a radiant complexion. your skin can tolerate most ingredients, meaning you can test out multiple formulas and products without severely damaging or harming your skin.

we recommend the Spavia signature facial for normal skin. although your skin will benefit from any of our facials, this is a good place to start. the signature facial includes a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation with an enzyme mask, and extractions to remove impurities. you’ll be left feeling smooth and hydrated!

test your skin

now that you have a good idea of what your skin type might be, it’s time to test that theory! simply wash your face using warm water, use a gentle cleanser on your skin and pat dry with a towel or washcloth. let your skin sit for half an hour and then take a look in the mirror. study the size of your pores, check for visible acne spots or scarring and see how it compares with the guide above!

relax, escape and thrive at Spavia day spa. visit our website to learn more about the spa facials we offer!