Spavia Elmhurst Recognizes Skin Cancer Awareness Month with Sun Safety Tips

Spavia Elmhurst Recognizes Skin Cancer Awareness Month with Sun Safety Tips

Summer is quickly approaching and with outdoor activities in full swing, Spavia Elmhurst would like to remind everyone of the dangers of skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers and sun exposure is the leading cause of premature aging. In light of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Spavia teaches guests to understand the healthy ways to protect their skin.

Unprotected sun exposure is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer and Spavia provides many affordable skin care spa treatments to help guests keep their skin healthy and protected in the summer sun!

Sun Safety Tips

Consumers frequently misuse sunscreens and spend more time in the sun than they should, putting themselves at greater risk. Sun damage accumulates over the years from small exposures such as walking to the mailbox to spending hours relaxing at the beach. Did you know?

  • UV rays can damage your skin in as little as 5 – 15 minutes depending on your skin type
  • 5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year
  • 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in his or her lifetime
  • Having 5 or more sunburns can double your risk for melanoma

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the following steps to prevent sun damage:

  • Use broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher
  • Apply an adequate amount of sunscreen (2 tablespoons of sunscreen for the entire body or an almond size for the face)
  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours or after swimming
  • Seek shade from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Cover with clothing (SPF clothing is available for added protection)
  • Wear a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses
  • Avoid indoor tanning
  • Take additional caution near water, snow, and sand, as they reflect UV rays increasing your chance of a sunburn

Spavia Elmhurst Skin Cancer Awareness Products

Spavia chooses a natural approach with mineral sunscreens containing zinc and titanium dioxide. Mineral sunscreens are non-allergenic, stable in sunlight, create a physical barrier that reflects UV rays, provide greater protection against UVA (aging) rays, protect against blue light and do not disrupt the body’s natural hormones. Spavia Elmhurst also utilizes mineral makeup that provides a natural mineral sunscreen, with SPF 20, for added protection and beauty. Over-the-counter sunscreens contain synthetic chemicals that are very easily absorbed into the body and studies have shown them to cause skin sensitivities and allergies.

Spavia estheticians teach guests to reduce their chance of skin cancer and premature aging by choosing a healthy natural skin care routine to protect their skin. Our spa in Elmhurst, IL believes in a natural approach to skin protection with the use of mineral sunscreens, mineral makeup, and sunless tanning to keep skin young and glowing all year long. As part of the Spavia membership wellness program, guests receive results-driven skin care with natural customized solutions for their skin type. Guests can also submerge themselves with a summer glow without the sun’s harmful rays with the sun-kissed sunless tanning treatment.

Spavia is proud to carry Image PREVENTION+ products that help to protect and nourish your skin against the sun. Check out some of our favorite PREVENTION+ products containing SPF, especially the newly relaunched Daily Hydrating Moisturizer!

PREVENTION+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30+

  • 100% mineral filter with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • New, reimagined texture reminiscent of the original, the upgraded formula is formulated with sheer zinc oxide for a weightless feel
  • Helps protect against environmental skin stressors and blue light emitted from devices: computers, smartphones & tablets
  • All skin types especially dry, dehydrated, environmentally stressed

PREVENTION+ Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30+

  • Provides a hint of color that subtly evens out skin tone and gives a healthy glow
  • 100% mineral filter with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • All skin types, uneven skin color and tone

PREVENTION+ Daily Matte Moisturizer SPF 32+

  • This oil-free, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen delivers high sun protection in a mattifying, antioxidant-rich base that’s perfect for oily and acne-prone skin types
  • Skin types: combination, oily, and acne-prone

PREVENTION+ Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50

  • Our strongest protection, perfect for outdoor activities, sports, and high sun exposure
  • Formulated with organic zinc oxide and UV blockers
  • Sheer finish and weightless feel
  • Perfect for all skin types

PREVENTION+ Daily Defense Lip Enhancer SPF 15

    • Hydrating, restorative lip complex with SPF 15 protection for everyday use
    • Formulated with marine collagen microspheres that promote the look of plumpness and fullness in the lips

Start prepping your skin for summertime by scheduling your relaxation at Spavia Elmhurst today!