A Massage Treatment at Spavia Elmhurst is the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

A Massage Treatment at Spavia Elmhurst is the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Chocolate and roses are always great presents on Valentine’s Day, but what about a rejuvenating massage for your loved one? Give the gift of relaxation this V-Day at Spavia Elmhurst. Our massages are specifically designed to help our guests relax, recenter, and renew so your loved one can have the day of pampering they so well deserve. Read about the incredible benefits of our massage treatments!

Relieve Stress at Spavia Elmhurst

Give your valentine a relaxing escape with our incredible massages. All our massages are designed to relieve stress but if your loved one is looking for rapid tension relief, try our Hypervolt Boost with any massage treatment. This treatment helps to alleviate aches, release knots, and rebalance muscles to restore proper range of motion, leaving your body in a state of relaxation and healing. Let your loved one experience optimal results and deeper relaxation with Hypervolt Boost. Check out our Hypervolt Boost Plus as well!

Reduce Pain at Spavia Elmhurst

Massage therapy has the power to loosen tight muscles and relieve body pain. Our Salt Stone Massage restores balance to the body while nourishing depleted muscles. This treatment features hand-carved salt stones straight from the Himalayan mountains that deeply penetrate tense muscles, releasing tension and toxins, leaving the body completely relaxed and renewed. Let your loved one experience a total renewal of their muscles with the healing power of salt stones!

Improve energy and mood at Spavia Elmhurst

A massage treatment at Spavia Elmhurst can release your “feel good” hormones. Oxytocin, the “love hormone” is released during massages, causing feelings of warmth and contentment. How fitting for Valentine’s day!

Enjoy all the benefits of Spavia Massages with Your Loved One!

Escape and un-wind side-by-side with a couple’s signature massage for two. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than relaxing together? A couple’s massage creates an experience of being connected through a warmer energy than what the outside world can offer. They offer you the ability to experience tranquility in the presence of your partner. Our couple’s massages are also available in the deep tissue, maternity, and salt stone treatments.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a trip to Spavia Elmhurst. If you want to give the gift of relaxation for the whole year, purchase a Spavia Elmhurst membership for your loved one online! Relax, recenter, and renew this Valentine’s Day.