show your skin some love with our citrus splash facial

show your skin some love with our citrus splash facial

close up image of sliced and whole citrus for the spavia citrus splash facial.

at Spavia Dublin, Ohio? we are offering our new citrus splash facial to help bring hydration and a youthful glow to your skin. the facial includes natural products such as a lemon cream cleanser, caviar lime exfoliant and an orange blossom hand enhancement.

many facials include harsh chemicals or unnatural products that can cause irritation or reactions. at Spavia Dublin, Ohio? we encourage you to relax, escape and thrive by using fresh and safe ingredients.

our face tends to be exposed to the largest amount of damage by wind, dust, and uv rays. the best way to protect your skin is to use products from the earth. the citrus splash facial helps your skin retain elasticity and unclog pores while providing additional anti-aging benefits such as collagen building and hydration. every product in the citrus splash facial is curated to rejuvenate your skin in different ways. we cover all the bases.

the healing powers of lemon:

we use lemons in our everyday lives, whether it be making a tart lemonade or adding a garnish to a meal. did you know lemons are amazing for your skin? lemons have a high vitamin C content, which is a natural brightening agent. your skin will be glowing and fresh after we apply our lemon cream cleanser.

lemons have strong antibacterial properties which makes them perfect for combating bacteria. your blackheads will be treated as lemons contain citric acid which clears dirt and oil from your skin. if you struggle with oily skin, the citric acid in lemons acts as a natural astringent as well. its mattifying properties will keep your natural oils at bay.

the revitalizing powers of orange blossom:

orange blossom skin products are very hydrating in nature. if you are having issues with dry skin, our hand enhancement will help you achieve the supple skin you have always wanted with an ample amount of moisturization and nourishment.

the spa experience is just as important as the skin care results at Spavia Dublin, Ohio?. orange blossom is calming and helps to reduce stress so your mind and body will be relaxed during your treatment.

the anti-aging properties of caviar lime:

when we think caviar, we think decadent. the caviar lime exfoliant will leave your skin looking just that. caviar lime is one of the most illuminating and healthy products to use. sourced from the subtropical rainforests of australia, caviar lime contains natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and youthful. caviar lime contains citric acid which is a naturally powerful exfoliator. citric acid encourages cellular turnover and banishes pore-clogging cells. when applied topically, caviar lime is known to brighten and smooth lackluster, uneven, and textured skin to reveal a fresh and toned appearance.

the beauty industry has been taking note of the beneficial properties of alpha hydroxy acids, such as caviar lime. aha’s are a family of water-soluble acids that work to dissolve the bonds that glue dead cells together. using them on the skin will prevent the build-up of bacteria and act as an excellent exfoliant. caviar lime’s properties will also help to improve the moisture content of the skin, that helps your skin to become hydrated and healthy.

relax, escape and thrive with your citrus splash facial at Spavia Dublin, Ohio?. schedule your treatment today for radiant skin and a true wellness experience.