Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Healthy Immunity Support:

Massages should be part of your wellness and immunity game plan. 2020 is an important time for everyone to find ways to build a strong immune system and Spavia Dublin, Ohio knows just how to do so! There are so many incredible health benefits of massages. Massages create circulation and flush toxins out while increasing blood flow throughout the entire body. Blood flow is especially important because it is the increase of white blood cells which specifically helps our bodies to fight off viruses, bacteria, and other intruding sicknesses. Receiving a massage strengthens the immune system by lowering levels of cytokines which are small proteins in the body that play a big role in inflammation. High inflammation has been known to be associated with several health conditions such as asthma, heart attacks, and strokes.

Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 with Regular Massages

During this time, any type of prevention against COVID-19 is always appreciated and massages may potentially result in reduced inflammation. Massages may become your strong opponent to keep viruses out of your system. Since COVID-19 is easily spread to those who have severe underlying medical conditions such as heart and lung disease, lowering inflammation may be crucial. So, spread the word to your loved ones, who may be at higher risk, to renew with a massage that may help boost their immune system.

Other Health Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Receiving a massage may also decrease a hormone that is said to be the source of what causes stress, and we know how important it is for you to have that special place to go to get away from all your worries. Massages are also known to fight off seasonal colds and protect you from the flu due to the increase of white blood cells that tackle those common viral infections. The circulation of blood from a massage may also help your body to quickly process waste and that carries the amazing potential to make you feel like you’re carrying less to make room for a new and healthier you!

Spavia Dublin, Ohio offers a wide variety of massages that include our most popular Signature Swedish massage and our Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage, all of which are designed to correct any harmful muscle imbalances to help maintain your health. During a time when it is important to watch how you are taking care of your body, the experiences that our specialists provide may be beneficial to your well-being.

Spavia Dublin, Ohio Spalosophy:

We stand together to help one another out during a time such as this. we are built on our spalosophy that we are here to make the health benefits of massage and spa treatments part of your everyday life. Relax, recenter, and renew to become stronger and energized to take on whatever life unveils. Our team is prepared and ready to offer their expertise to take a relaxing approach with preventative action against illnesses. We, as your local day spa, are catering to your overall well-being and healthy lifestyle. Contact Spavia Dublin, Ohio so that our massage specialists can help you feel relaxed and healthy!