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The ultimate spa day is always better when it includes some beauty treatments along with pampering. Spavia Day Spa now offers several beauty spa treatments, including sun-kissed spray tans, waxing, eyelash extensions, complimentary foundation matches, and mineral make-up consultations. Explore how we can enhance your beauty today.

Explore our many result-driven beauty treatments and schedule your relaxation at a Spavia Day Spa near you today.

*Prices and treatments vary by location

Lash Extensions

Basic Lash Set - $129
Basic Set Refill - $99
Natural Lash Set - $179
Natural Set Refill - $119
Extended Lash Set - $229
Extended Set Refill - $139

Relax while our certified lash artists create the desired look for your lifestyle. Choose one of our classic lashes to achieve a natural look that enhances your natural beauty with longer, fuller lashes. Classic Lashing is a one to one application; one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Increasing thickness, length and curl of the natural lash line.

Flawless Foundation

10 Min - $10

A 10-minute makeup application with our clean and pure mineral makeup. Pick a feature and focus on it! Foundations, contouring, eyes and more. Let our Spavia Dublin, Ohio specialists help you find your best fit and style!

Mineral Make-up Application/Lesson

Essential Mineral Make-up Application/Lesson - $99

Our Spavia Dublin, Ohio mineral make-up is talc-free without chemicals and alcohol. Created without harsh perfumes, synthetic preservatives, or fillers. Great for all skin types, including acne-prone, rosacea, and sensitive skin, to look your best. Enjoy a complimentary foundation application with our premier and ultimate skin care treatments for a flawless finish and SPF protection. A flawless foundation enhancement is also available for micro application lessons.

Sun-Kissed Spray Tan/Scrub

15 Min - $49
with Scrub 50 Min - $99

Submerge yourself in the healthy glow of summer without the sun’s harmful rays. This complete Spavia Dublin, Ohio bronzing treatment includes a full-body exfoliation plus a customized sunless tanning application.

Recommended guest shave prior to treatment and refrain from wearing any oil based lotions day of treatment.


Wow Brow - $21
Unibrow Be Gone - $14
Nose - $14
Lip Area - $14
Chin or Cheeks - $14
Total Face - $51
Half Arm - $31
Full Arm - $41
Underarm - $21
Abdomen - $31
Half Leg - $41
Full Leg - $66
Glutes - $31
Bikini Line - $41
Full Bikini - $51
Brazilian - $66
Back (Half) - $31
Back (Full) - $66
Chest - $31

Our Spavia Dublin, Ohio specialists will expertly eliminate hair, so you can stop shaving, threading, and plucking. We use the highest quality wax that is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Our professionally licensed estheticians provide a variety of different body waxing treatments so you can achieve a clean look without the effort. After your waxing treatment, end your ultimate spa day experience with a Signature Facial for the ultimate relaxing experience.