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Combat Holiday Stress by Rejuvenating Your Mind and Body

Woman getting a back massage.

The most wonderful time of year can also be the most stressful time of the year. Holiday shopping, cooking, and preparation bring on a slew of new stressors. The best way to combat the chaos of the season is to take a self-care moment and treat your body and mind. Spavia Day Spa offers a variety of massages that will restore your muscles and re-invite positive energy into your system.

Whether you are looking to release toxins, relieve tension, relax, or refresh your body, regularly scheduled therapeutic massages are integral in promoting your overall mind and body health. Massages offer a non-invasive, drug-free approach to wellness. Visiting Spavia Day Spa is the perfect way to unwind from the stress of the holiday season and to set yourself up for a happy and prosperous new year.

Relieve Tension

The Spavia Signature Massage uses long fluid movements to gently stretch your muscles and relieve tension. Choose from our selection of aromatic hydrating massage lotions for a comforting and calming experience. Releasing any tension you might be holding in your muscles is essential during the holiday season, so you can be pain-free and enjoy all of the festivities to come.

Release Toxins

Spavia Day Spa offers a Hot Stone Massage that allows your muscles to truly relax under warm basalt river stones that deeply penetrate and release toxins. The release of toxins restores balance to your body and leaves you feeling calmer, more relaxed, and stress-free. Detoxification also helps to increase energy levels and keeps you strong during the day. An extra energy boost will make your busy, day-to-day life significantly easier to manage.

Deeply Relax 

After a hectic day of holiday shopping or slaving away in the kitchen, the most important thing to do is to take a breather and relax. The best massage for ultimate relaxation is our Four-Hand Massage. Two specialists work together to deliver your Spavia signature massage treatment. Relaxation encourages blood flow of the muscles which, in turn, provides your body with more energy, better metabolism, and a clear mind.

Restore Muscles

The restoration of strained muscles increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and zaps any pain you may be experiencing. During the holiday season, we are constantly straining our bodies and overworking ourselves. Spavia Day Spa has a Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage that is meant to relieve pain and discomfort in congested areas within muscles, tendons, and ligaments due to stress, injury, or overuse. The massage restores proper range of motion, leaving your body in a state of peace and gratitude.

Visit Spavia Day Spa to beat the stress of the holiday season and mentally and physically prepare yourself for a healthy and happy lifestyle in the new year.