Spa in Chicago

Spa in Chicago

You work hard, but do you find time to decompress and recharge, too? At Spavia® Lincoln Park, we focus on your experience, so you can enjoy a refuge from the demands of daily life. From the moment you step inside our spa, you’ll be immersed in a deeply restorative environment. For guests in Chicago, we ease sore limbs, erase stress and tension, and induce deep, lasting calm.

Our bodies need time to breathe and release pressure. In our busy lives, there’s a hundred things competing for our attention. At Spavia Lincoln Park, we help you make time for yourself. You can finally put down your phone, take a deep breath, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your visit.

Slow Down, Unwind, and Relax At Our Spa in Chicago

When you wake up with stiff muscles or a million thoughts swirling in your head, it’s time for a break. At Spavia Lincoln Park, we help youspa in chicago shake off stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and dip into a whole new experience. For our guests, it’s never been easier to relax, recenter, and refocus:

  • We make every detail special. Pure relaxation isn’t just a state of mind: it’s also a place you can escape to. No detail is too small when crafting the perfect spa experience in Chicago. From the incredibly nourishing products we use to an exquisite tea selection, we’re dedicated to ensuring your visit feels like a true escape.
  • We offer a getaway that’s uniquely yours. We pay attention to our guests’ preferences. We honor your requests and customize your visit to make sure it’s just right. Our estheticians and massage therapists offer treatments calibrated to you and you alone, for a truly unique experience that’s all yours.
  • We help you build a relaxation routine. Making time to decompress and recharge is so important. We make luxury treatments an everyday event, with affordable memberships for you. We know how essential it is to cultivate routines and rituals to relax your body and your spirit.

Retreat To Our Peaceful Spa in Chicago

Looking after yourself is a daily practice and commitment. At Spavia Lincoln Park, we’re honored to help you take a break at long last. Step into our spa, sink your toes into a pair of sandals, and unwind in our retreat room before you begin one of our many treatments. We’re just a short trip away for guests from:

  • Chicago
  • Oak Park
  • Evanston
  • Wilmette
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Relax, recenter, and renew with a visit to Spavia Lincoln Park. To schedule your spa getaway, guests in the Chicago area can call (312) 724-8777.