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soothe tired muscles with a custom maternity massage in Boulder designed to promote relaxation just in time for the big day

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maternity massage

Pregnancy comes with many joys, but it also adds a great deal of stress to your spine and joints. Our personalized prenatal massages are an excellent way to find relaxation just in time to celebrate your new baby’s first moments. At spavia, your comfort is our first priority. Relax and unwind as our specially trained prenatal massage therapists soothe tired muscles and improve circulation.

When you come to our Boulder-area spa, we will work out muscle tension, soothe joints, and improve your circulation from head to toe. This helps expectant mothers relieve water retention and target fatigue, sciatic pain and muscle aches. We’ll take care of you while you prepare to take care of your little one.

Schedule a prenatal massage treatment with our guest advisors in Boulder today! We also have affordable memberships to make motherhood that much sweeter.

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