Arrive to your appointment makeup free. Please cleanse your lashes of dirt, oil and mascara completely. Do not curl your lashes or wear any oil based creams around your eyes the day of your appointment.

A full set of classic or hybrid application generally takes up to 2 hours and our full set for volume lash extensions generally takes up to 2 ½ hours. At spavia we do our best to ensure our guests are comfortable on our spa tables with your choice of serene music.

When applied properly lash extensions will not compromise your natural lashes. Our certified lash artists are highly experienced and trained to only apply lashes to natural lashes strong enough to endure the extension. Each person has natural growth phases, causing natural lashes to shed. This is normal and will continue with lash extensions, creating the necessity for lash fills.

You will need to return for refill appointments every 2-4 weeks. You must have 50% of lashes remaining to be considered a refill. Due to your natural lash growth phases this will be slightly different for each guest. Factors such as touching, tugging, using oil based products and steam. Steam may affect the retention, at spavia we provide lash protection for guests with lashes during facial services where steam is used. At spavia we provide lash approved home care to ensure our guests can get the most life out of their lashes. Lash extensions are an investment that should be properly cared for.

We recommend against the use of mascara. Lash extensions provide a fresh mascara look 24 hours a day, reducing mirror time and the mess of running mascara. If you feel you need mascara you must use a lash safe product to ensure it doesn’t compromise the bonding of your lash extensions leading to premature shedding. At spavia we retail a lash safe mascara that is specially designed for the use with lash extensions.

Yes of course you may wear makeup with your new lash extensions. Just remember that you can not use oil based makeup products, Including oil based makeup removers.

YES. We require that you keep them dry for the first 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure properly for the best retention. It is a common misconception that you need to keep your lashes dry at all times. We recommend washing your lashes daily with lash shampoo.

No. The process of applying extensions should be 100% pain free. Our highly trained lash artists will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed for the duration of your treatment.

No, they will only affect your glasses if the lashes applied are too long. This should be discussed with your lash artist prior to your first treatment.

No, we do not recommend the removal of eyelash extensions at home. The risk of damaging your natural lashes is too high. We suggest you schedule a removal appointment with a trained lash artist to ensure the safety of your natural lashes. During this appointment your lash artist will use a specially formulated remover to remove the extensions, causing no harm to your natural lashes.

Yes if you currently have classic lashes and would like to upgrade to a hybrid or volume application, please make sure to mention this when scheduling your next treatment. Dependant on how quickly you want to fully transition we may recommend adding our 20 minutes lash boost on to the appointment allowing additional time for the lash artist to best transition into your new look.

Yes! For safety, we request the removal of the contacts during the application. You may bring your personal contact case or we do provide one onsite as well.

The FDA currently does not regulate eyelash extensions, as the extension never touches the skin.

Yes! We strongly encourage the use of lash growth serums as they keep the natural lashes growing strong and healthy. However, not all serums are lash extension approved so be sure to use a serum that is formulated for use with extensions. At spavia we retail a lash safe growth serum for our guests that is both prostaglandin and paraben free.

At spavia we provide a three step customization process to help you create the desired look for your lifestyle. Our trained lash artists will help you choose the best application and style based on your natural lashes and eye shape.

Your lash extensions should last 2-4 weeks before requiring a refill. Due to the natural growth phases you will lose 2-5 lashes per day, requiring a refill appointment.

Yes, we require that you have 50% of your last set still remaining. During your consultation the lash artist will review your lashes, if possible we will blend our lashes in with your previous lashes. If the quantity and quality of your lashes in poor, they will need to be removed and a new set applied. This would only be done with your best interest in mind and for the safety of your lashes.

You may still receive your refill but please know our lash artists may not be able to place as many lashes as necessary in the allotted treatment time to fill out your set. If possible we recommend scheduling a lash boost with your refill appointment. Our lash boost will add an additional 20 minutes to allow for extra time to fulfill your full set.