About Our Lashes

about our lashes

Lash·olo·gist: certified lashologists at spavia, we have the most qualified lashologists in the industry.

Quality is the key to successful lashes and spavia brings you the highest standards in the lash industry. Our lash lashologists are certified and ensure the safety and quality of the lash application, as not to damage your natural lashes. Lash extensions can simplify your routine and be an amazing enhancement. At spavia we care for our guests and strive for excellence with every guest visit.

our standards

  1. Isolation of one natural lash. Eyelash extensions should only be applied to one natural lash. You should never adhere lash extension to two or more lashes, as this can create clumping, itching and damage to the natural lashes.
  2. Lashes are evenly spaced.
  3. Lashes curl in an upright direction.
  4. Lashes are never more than double the length/thickness of the natural lash. Too heavy of extensions can cause premature shedding or fall out, decreasing retention.
  5. Formaldehyde and latex free.
  6. Adhesive is always fresh, being replaced every four weeks will decrease sensitivities and increase bonding strength.
  7. Adhesive should never come into contact with the guest skin, only the lash.
  8. No clumps of adhesive on the lash. Too much adhesive adds weight to the natural lash and can cause premature shedding or fall out, decreasing retention.
  9. Lashes are high quality, soft, flexible and lightweight providing a natural look, compared to other brands offering cheap plastic extensions or pre-made cluster extensions.
  10. Follow and maintain state regulations on sanitation and cleanliness for our guests and lashologists safety.