3 Secrets My Ankeny Day Spa Esthetician Gave about Facials

3 Secrets My Ankeny Day Spa Esthetician Gave about Facials

You are a walking billboard of who you are, and the first impression people have of you does not come from the clothes you wear but from your face. This is not to point out any insecurities you have about your face, but rather to put the focus on why facial skin care should be your new top priority. A new day spa is about to open in Ankeny, IA, and the estheticians at spavia™ have some tips for choosing a facial therapy and maintaining the results afterward.

Skip the Coffee or Soda and Have Filtered Water

The day before and the day of your facial treatment, it is imperative that you come in as hydrated as possible. This will maximize the results the facial will have in fighting the signs of aging and helping your skin recuperate after a thorough cleansing.

Your skin breathes, releases oils and produces cells to create a naturally youthful look. The sun, heavy makeups, sunscreens, lotions, environmental air, and your diet all have a direct impact on your skin. They can cause fine lines, enlarged pores and other facial blemishes. Hydrating will help your esthetician have a more accurate assessment of your facial zones and your lifestyle habits. To maintain your facial’s results for the long term, drink filtered water regularly after your treatment.

Don’t Rush Straight to Peels at the First Sign of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

While chemical peels are effective and produce more immediate results for a more youthful look, it is aggressive on your facial skin. It strips your skin of all the irritants and dead skin to encourage new collagen production. Rushing into a chemical peel early, however, can have painful results. An experienced esthetician will be able to help you achieve longer-lasting results by assessing your skin’s current condition and directing you through a step-by-step treatment plan.

Avoid DIY Facials and Trust the Experts

Years ago, it was a costly occurrence to have a spa facial, especially in Ankeny, IA where day spas were not as common as in larger cities like Dallas, Minneapolis, Des Moines, or Kansas City. Today, there are many affordable day spas offering facial therapies at a cost that is much easier on the wallet.

The largest benefit to having an expert provide your facial skin treatment for you is that it gives you the opportunity to unwind for an hour. You can’t achieve that kind of break for your mind and body with a DIY home facial.

Come visit spavia™ day spa in Ankeny, IA, opening in June 2017. We have several massages, facial and body treatments for both men and women. Reach out to our guest advisors to schedule your first treatment with us! Until then, remember to relax, escape and thrive.