Tips to Choose the Best Massage Treatment for You

Tips to Choose the Best Massage Treatment for You

Getting a massage used to be a luxury for most. Nowadays, however, there are many affordable day spas with massage treatments even in Ankeny, Iowa. In fact, some health savings accounts are now covering routine massages as part of a preventative wellness plan. This is great news because massages are becoming recognized as a necessity to bring balance between mind and body.

Every massage spa has their own niches of exclusive services, but they generally provide the same types of therapy focuses such as:

  • Swedish massage – Elongated stretching movements common with both relaxation and deep tissue massage.
  • Hot stone massages – Use of hot stones in strategic areas to melt deep muscle tension
  • Sports massages – Focused manipulation for trouble areas and improving muscle recovery
  • Prenatal (maternity) massage – Light movements to stimulate circulation, reduce swelling and encourage relaxation for mommies-to-be (often requires a doctor’s note)
  • Couples massage – Luxurious body treatments for you and a loved one with two different masseuses
  • Tandem massage –Swedish-style movements for one with two masseuses stimulating different parts of the body simultaneously
  • Aromatherapy massage – Integration of essential oils during treatment to stimulate healing and bringing balance to the senses

A well-detailed assessment helps customize a guest’s massage therapy for the most relaxation at the time of visit. Very few guests know exactly where their problem areas are. In fact, the massage specialists at spavia™ day spa in Ankeny, IA are intuitive to what your needs are beyond the initial assessment. Assessments often include details about previous massage treatments, areas of pain or tension, lifestyle habits, recent bouts of trauma, diet, and other physical details.

The point is, you are not expected to know the best massage treatment for you – the specialist is. Making the trip to a massage facility or a day spa is about seeking relaxation, which means not thinking about stressors and trying to figure things out. A warm, welcoming environment with the right tools for relaxation is a good indicator that you will reach a newfound level of much-needed mind and body balance.

Everyone deserves a moment of relaxation and body renewal. Sign up for a spavia™ day spa membership to embrace our affordable massages and other benefits at our location in Ankeny, IA today.