6 Additional Health Benefits of a Massage

6 Additional Health Benefits of a Massage

at Spavia Ankeny we want you to look and feel your best. there is no better way of making a positive impact in the world than helping people be the best version of themselves. we do that through beauty treatments and relaxation appointments. it is our honor to treat you to rejuvenation and relaxation that a massage offers, but the healing qualities of a massage does not end there. there are many health benefits that will improve your livelihood in the short and long term.

we wanted to share with you some of the health benefits of regular, professional massages.  most people know that massages can be used to reduce muscle pain and aches, but they can also be used for injury prevention, stress reduction and more. here is more information on how a relaxing massage at Spavia Ankeny can benefit your long-term health.

  • lower blood pressure: numerous studies, such as one done at the biological research for nursing, have found that regular massages, even just for just ten minutes, will cause blood pressure to lower. This can lead to a longer life and fewer health issues as you age.
  • eases headaches:  headaches can be difficult to deal with, we know that. there are also a multitude of factors that can cause headaches, with seemingly few solutions. massages can help to reduce headache symptoms and often the pain will start dissipating immediately.
  • reduces back and joint pain: one of the most common reasons to get a massage is intense back and joint pain. our specialists are experts at easing back pain and helping you get back on your feet.
  • strengthen immune system: studies have shown that following massages immune system responses are more efficient due to the increase in white blood cells. a healthy you is the most productive you, don’t let illness drag you down.
  • boosted mood: not only will you physically feel better after a massage, your mood will undoubtedly be happier as well. you’ll walk out after your treatment feeling brand new. it has been shown that massages help to reduce the amount of stress hormones lowering anxiety symptoms.
  • better sleep: massages leave you relaxed and refreshed. a clear mental state and a body free of aches and pains will always lead to a great night’s sleep.

there are many more benefits of getting a regular massage, and we are sure that once you get one massage you’ll want to get them over and over again. in order for you to get the most out of your Spavia Ankeny experience we offer memberships that include extra benefits and lower priced relaxations.

if you are ready to improve your lifestyle, call or schedule your relaxation online today. we can’t wait to help you relax, escape and thrive.