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the spavia day spa skin care glossary

at spavia day spa, we strive to be the skin care experts while providing a relaxing day spa experience to each of you. we want to help make the complicated, ever-changing world of skin care easy to navigate and result-driven. in order to help, we have created a glossary with clear definitions of terms that

top tips for protecting your skin this summer

at spavia day spa, we are here to help protect your skin from the sun so you can enjoy the summer season. we are ready to get outside and enjoy the warm weather, too!  follow our top tips for summer skincare by reading more below. hydration your body needs water to survive and so does

everyday self-care tips for your busy life

we know it is challenging to make time for yourself. it can even be difficult to get to a full-service day spa with everything you have going on. it takes courage to be mindful and to devote time, effort, energy and resources to your personal well-being. between work and family demanding your time, it can

our spring cleaning solution for radiant skin

it is spring cleaning season again – and that goes for your skin, too! this is the perfect time for a facial treatment from spavia day spa! your pores can collect oil and dirt from the environment. if left untreated, these clogged pores can develop into open or closed comedones (blackheads and whiteheads). for healthy

Share the Love at Spavia with a Spalebration

february is all about celebrating love – and what better place to celebrate than at spavia day spa? A couple’s massage or spa experience package is always a great option to show your significant other that you care. but let’s not forget about all the other people you love in your life. a fun and

hydraderm: complete rejuvenation for the new year!

the new year is here! let’s start 2019 off right by making health and wellness a priority with a hydraderm treatment. everyone is making resolutions, and this is a great time for a fresh start no matter what your goals are. we believe that caring for others is important, but how will you care for

how to stay healthy and mindful this holiday season

‘tis the season for holiday cheer: gift giving (check out our spa day gift cards), parties, delicious food and most importantly, quality time spent with friends and family. however, this is also quite a hectic and often chaotic time as everyone recovers from one celebration and prepares for the next. it is vital to engage

3 Ways to Avoid Stress this Holiday Season

the holidays are a time for family, friends, food, and fun. as the seasons continue to change and the holidays approach, do not let stress bombard you and your future memories of the season. planning ahead is one of the most effective ways to avoid stress and is crucial to enjoying the holiday season. avoiding

Older Lady Massage

our 3 favorite anti-aging spa treatments

as time ticks on, you do not have to; press the “pause” button on your day to unwind and take a break. it is time to revitalize and illuminate your youthful glow. aging is a natural occurrence and it can be done with grace. keeping fresh and rejuvenated are just a few keys to unlock

refresh your skin this summer with a hydrating facial

the blazing sun and hot summer months work tirelessly to dry out your skin. while vitamin d can be beneficial to add a healthy glow to your skin, the intense summer sun will also dehydrate it, adding age to your skin. these effects can be diminished with the help of any of spavia day spa’s