Use Back to School to Get Back to You!

As I write I’m juggling numerous responsibilities including preparing dinner for my two beautiful children, Zoey and EJ, taking a call from a spa employee with a question about our computer system; responding to kind reviews left for us on Facebook; researching marketing opportunities for the spa; and writing a blog post (among others but, really, I need to get this moving!).

I, like so many of our spa guests, am a working mom (or mompreneur as someone dubbed me recently), and I KNOW your struggles ladies! Some nights all I can think about is a big glass of wine. I also know that telling you to take time for yourself makes you scoff to yourself … “Yeah..not gonna happen!” Believe me, I get it. I OWN a spa and I have trouble making time to splurge on the very treatments that I think you should treat yourself to.

When I was a new mom, friends urged me to take care of myself, get a massage, sleep when the baby sleeps – hah! I appreciated their intent, but even the most well-meaning suggestions for relieving my trying-to-be-the-be-a-good-mom-while-juggle-life stress, always seemed to make me feel worse. Instead of sounding helpful and loving, urging me to ‘take good care of myself’ became just one more thing I was supposed to do to be a good mom, just one more thing I couldn’t do right.

So, while I can easily spout off all the reasons why pampering yourself with a relaxing massage, body wrap, or facial would help you de-stress and (giving you the potential to be a more relaxed, calm, patient, happy mom) I’m just going to suggest that you do something, anything, no matter how small, that help make you feel joyful or just makes you feel more like YOU! Whether it’s a bubble bath (after the kids are asleep or it will not be peaceful!) or kick-boxing, reading or meditating…take 15 minutes and enjoy being you. You’ll be surprised by how good it makes you feel! Caring for ourselves is necessary to care for our loved ones.

Remember, there’s nothing to add to your ‘to do’ and nothing to feel guilty about. You’ll get to it when you can get to it…and that okay.

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Until next time … from one super mom to another … relax. escape. Thrive.

Mom and Spa Owner