The Best Skin Peel For Your Skin Type

 In Lincoln Park

No two skin peels are alike! Each peel will vary depending on ingredients, penetration level, time spent on the skin and strength. That’s why It’s so important the right strength is chosen based on your skin care needs.

You’ll want to schedule a consultation with a skin care professional to have your skin type analyzed to ensure you receive the proper treatment. Ultimately, choosing the right peel depends on your skin type goals.

Superficial/Light Skin Peel
The superficial, or light skin peel, is the easiest type of peel. It’s also referred to as a “lunchtime” procedure, as downtime is minimal and you can return to work afterwards without anyone noticing. This peel only penetrates the top-most layer of skin – the epidermis – and instantly gives your skin a brighter and smoother look. This option is ideal for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, mild sun damage, mild acne scarring and age spots. You will see instant results, but maximum benefits are best achieved after more than six treatments. Contrary to popular belief, the light skin peel does NOT hurt. At most, you will feel a slight tingling sensation.

Medium Skin Peel
For stronger results with more stubborn skin conditions, seek out the benefits of a medium skin peel. These penetrate deeper into the layers to treat moderate sun damage, pigmentation and wrinkles. Due to the higher intensity of a medium peel, the results are noticeably stronger, but recovery time is longer. You may want to have a few days away from other people as your skin will remain pink for about a week. Your skin will exhibit all the signs of a bad sunburn following a medium skin peel, so expect peeling, itchiness and swelling.

Deep Skin Peel
Deep peels are dramatically more effective at treating the most severe wrinkles, sun damage, scarring and deep lines. The healing period for a deep peel is significantly longer than any other peel, with nearly two weeks of downtime. You’ll want to avoid going out in public during the recovery period since your skin will be very red and feel like it was severely sunburnt. It’s recommended that you seek out the services of an experienced professional, as there are risks for developing permanent loss of skin pigmentation and scarring should a deep peel be improperly administered. The deep peel can provide absolutely incredible results when done properly.

Before committing to any peel, schedule a consultation with the person who will be conducting the treatment, to ensure you will achieve the best results.