Skin Peel 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Skin renewal peels are the perfect way to reset your skin to make you look as young and confident as you feel. The skin renewal peel will remove old skin so that new layers grow in their place, appearing smoother and with fewer blemishes, redness and wrinkles.

Here is everything you need to know about what a skin renewal peel is and how it works.

What is a skin renewal peel?
A skin peel, also called chemical peels, is the controlled removal of the top layers of skin to promote the growth of a healthier and smoother layer of skin. There are varying degrees of intensity of skin peels and the strength of one will directly affect your recovery time and the results you experience. If you don’t want an intense skin peel, you can set up several lighter peels to achieve the same results over a longer stretch of time.

Why would I want a skin peel?
When done correctly, skin peels are like hitting the reset button for your skin. They can make your face look younger and healthier by removing wrinkles, boosting collagen production and evening out your skin tone. An added bonus of skin peels is that, when performed in a series, they are an incredible way to treat persistent acne. Anyone who wants to improve the overall health and glow of their skin is someone that wants a skin peel.

Who should get a skin peel?
You should seek the advice of a professional, but anyone with major crow’s feet, sun damage, age spots, acne or wrinkles should get a skin peel. Since the solution is applied manually, it can be applied to the entire face or specific spots. A professional can also determine the type of skin you have, its thickness and texture to recommend the proper type of skin peel for your unique skin type.

Is there a recovery period?
Yes, and the time depends on the degree of the skin peel, ranging anywhere from three days to two weeks. Skin peels performed in medical offices may cause discomfort after an intense deep peel session; however, this is easily controlled with temporary medication. Several days into the recovery period your skin will begin flaking off – starting around your mouth leading up to your ears. Avoid picking at the skin as this will reduce the affects of your peel. Since the skin is so fresh and new, it’s recommended to follow a moisturizing regimen, and avoid long exposure to the sun.

Where should I get one?
A skin peel can be extremely effective at renewing the skin on your face leaving you with a younger look; however, they can also be relatively ineffective if done improperly. If you’re interested in resetting your skin, a spavia esthetician is able to analyze your skin type, recommend the correct treatment and properly administer the peel. Protect yourself and your skin by doing a skin peel the proper way!