Reflexology for Your Face

Reflexology as a treatment for various ailments is rooted in Ancient Chinese medicine, and has been so successful that even the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health found it to yield positive results.

The practice is in most spas, but most know it as a foot-based treatment. Some experts say, however, that results are better achieved through pressure points located in the face. Here is some basic information about facial reflexology, and how it can benefit a variety of health issues.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to designated points on the body to achieve a variety of results. It’s based on the idea that each point is directly connected to a vital part of the body, and skilled manipulation of the area can improve health.

How Does Facial Reflexology Work?

Much like your hands and feet, your face has pressure points that correspond with parts of the body. By combining massage with the theories of acupuncture and the Chinese concept of energy lines, the reflexologist will target certain areas to improve circulation and impact the body’s problem areas.

What are the Results?

Pressure points in the face are connected to just about every vital organ and system — from the gallbladder and stomach to hormones and even the heart. A treatment will relax the entire body, causing an almost dream-like state and stimulating the healing process. Facial reflexology is especially effective in treating stress-related conditions such as tension headaches and insomnia.

An added benefit to facial reflexology is because a treatment firms up facial muscles, you’re preventing lines and wrinkles from forming in the future!

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