Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Skin Peel

 In Lincoln Park

A skin peel is only the beginning of the journey to uncover your most perfect skin.The next step is to learn how to care properly for the incoming healthy skin.

Depending on the intensity of the peel you chose, the recovery time of your skin will vary. Several days after the treatment, the new skin will begin to emerge with a sunburned color and sensation. (Don’t worry, the redness and post-treatment puffiness will fade within a few days!) The skin will have increased sensitivity following a peel, so being extra alert to potential irritants is recommended. Thankfully, there are a number of products out there to promote faster healing.

The ILUMA product line is designed with skincare properties that work perfectly for post-treatment care. The products speed up the process to improve skin clarity and even out skin tones, moisturizing skin and improving texture to amplify the positive effects of the peel. The ILUMA Intense Lightening Serum is a fantastic source of Vitamin C, which your skin is now craving, and has incredible anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and promote a fresh post-peel complexion.

Immediately following a light to medium peel, your skin will be red from irritation — the redness should only persist for a few minutes. If you don’t see an improvement in redness, dryness and irritation, then try using moisturizing and soothing products with hyaluronic acid and green tea. Vitamin C and E are also great agents to prevent and lighten skin discoloration.

What to Avoid
Limit your exposure in the sun. That big ball of fire in the sky is no friend of your vulnerable and sensitive skin. Use an SPF-30 sunscreen containing either zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to prevent sun damage. Retinol creams have a history of irritating the skin following a peel, so avoid these products. Following a peel it is best to avoid excessive heat, sweating and scrubbing. It is also recommended to avoid shaving or picking at your face due to the increased sensitivity of your skin.

Post treatment, your skin is going to be extra sensitive and fragile, so be extra aware of what you put on your skin to avoid scarring. Yes, this sounds a bit frightening, but the negative effects will fade to reveal beauty underneath.