4 Tips to Deeply Enjoy your Massage in Reno, NV to Renew Your Body

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Treating yourself to a massage is more than just seeking relief from tension and pain. It’s the process of bringing your mind, body and soul into balance. Your skin is a living organ that breathes and experiences stress just like every other part of your body. At spavia™ day spa in Reno, NV, we understand this. Our specialists are skilled at delivering massages to help your body recover and find renewal. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next massage treatment at our Reno facility.


Drink Water before Your Massage

Hydrating yourself before your massage helps your body avoid the effects of dehydration, which can make for an uncomfortable massage. Dehydrated muscles are harder to stretch and cause difficulty in releasing toxins trapped in tension bands. The build-up of toxins in your muscles contributes to discomfort and the reason for desiring an effective massage.

Drinking filtered water after massage treatments helps you flush out toxins released during therapy. Water also helps to improve the recovery time of your muscles. While a spavia™ signature massage is a relaxing experience, it challenges your muscles in the process of seeking recovery.

Prepare Your Body for a Massage

Our specialists will know if you are mentally distracted, and it will affect the quality of your massage. More often than not, body hygiene is a common distraction for spavia™ guests. A good general rule of thumb is to shave any areas of concern and to shower before your treatment. We have showers on site with succulent shampoos and soaps to allow you to relax completely before your treatment.

Communicate Openly with Your Massage Specialist

Tell your specialist ahead of time about problem areas and any injuries you have. Your tendons will be most sensitive in these areas. Your massage specialist can customize your massage to treat these areas differently than your full-body treatment.

Try Different Massage Treatments

Muscle confusion is good when both working out and receiving massage treatments. If a deep-tissue (Swedish) massage is your go-to, then tell your specialist to integrate hot stone therapy or a tandem massage your next visit. Your body can develop muscle memory even with body treatments. Changing your routine will help you achieve a deeper and more relaxing massage each time you visit spavia™ day spa.

Invite a Friend or Your Significant Other

Relaxing alone is good, and a spa day is a perfect activity to deepen your relationship outside of the normal daily routine. Give your loved one the gift of a relaxing, professional massage. There are many other body treatments to enjoy at spavia™ including sun-kissed tanning, facials and ultra-hydrating hand and foot treatments.

If reading about massage tips has convinced you that it’s time to get one, schedule your custom massage at the spavia™ day spa at The Summit in Reno, NV. Our guest advisors would love to invite you in and let you experience a small slice of paradise and ultimate relaxation.