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The benefits of massage are very widely known and touted. Besides the common thought of stress relief and to relax, massage has been shown to have positive effects on most medical conditions as well. While spavia doesn’t focus on medical or injury relief, regular maintenance can help alleviate symptoms and keep guests comfortable on a day-to-day basis. This is where having a massage membership can come in handy. Besides having a regular monthly maintenance massage, when you have a membership at spavia, you have as many extra visits a month as you need to ward off any unexpected pain or extra stress. We can help you create that escape from your daily life and stresses. Every massage is created by the therapist, just for the guest with custom touches from music to lotion scent. Also, seeing a therapist regularly can help grow a relationship that will become more and more beneficial as time goes on. As a therapist learns your habits and muscle structure, they can further the healing and stress relief. Our therapists are trained in body mechanics and stretching, as well as all the numerous modalities to help alleviate discomfort and bring stress relief. Massage in general helps the body work at optimum wellness, as well as promotes better sleep, less stress and injuries, and reduces anxiety. It really helps you to thrive when you go back out into the world. It is not just a luxury it’s a necessity!