I spent my entire career filling my bank account. Now it’s time to fill my heart.

 In boulder

Enough! It’s a powerful word that can take on many meanings, all of which lead to CHANGE. After a lifetime of “Enoughs” I’ve learned to embrace, and even seek out, change because that’s how we GROW.

Before I opened Spavia in Boulder I had a very successful career dominated primarily by men. Because I was driven to provide enough for my family and because what was enough career satisfaction for others wasn’t usually enough for me, I spent my former career filling my bank account. Making sure I’d have enough for my retirement to be comfortable.

When I’d finally had enough of the corporate ladder I was mysteriously moved to contact the Spavia franchise and open a spa in Boulder, CO, although I had absolutely NO experience in the spa industry. I was very clear about a few things, however, and that’s why I decided to take the leap of faith that has turned into a fulfilling new career in wellness for me:

  1. I wanted to help women. Whether it be team members learning how to be leaders and community contributors or spa guests learning how to de-stress and be well in their minds and bodies. (What better way than getting into the spa business and treating women to massage in Boulder to help get me on my way to fulfilling that goal, huh?)
  1. I wanted to give back. Feeling that I have enough opens me up to opportunities to contribute in ways that fill me with joy and gratitude. I’m finding ways to use my Boulder day spa to help in many fulfilling ways and will continue to make this a focus for the spa moving forward.
  1. I wanted to appreciate what I have and where I live. The struggle for enough can often muddy our perceptions and we forget just how fortunate we really are to have what we have and be living and working in such a beautiful place like Boulder.
  1. I wanted to focus on something other than money. I can focus on filling my heart by helping other women and giving back to the community I love.

Today I am filling my heart…on purpose.

As you go out into the world today, ask yourself just one quick question: “Am I fulfilled enough?”

Sure you can ask, “Do I have enough money?” but remember, we only have a finite amount of time and when it’s done you’ll want to know that you enjoyed enough, you gave enough, you did enough, you loved enough, you were enough … just as much as you made enough money.

I’m here to help women…help them be well and balanced, help to be leaders in Boulder and beyond and, hopefully, to help them on their own journey to fill their heart.

How’s that for a retirement plan?

You go girls! Until next time…relax. escape. thrive.