Dublin traveling chair massages

whether it’s a corporate retreat or special event, Dublin residents love our traveling chair massages

* pricing and services vary by location

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spavia men’s traveling chair massage schedule spavia men’s traveling chair massage schedule

men’s traveling chair massage

Our spavia massage therapists are on the move! Invite our specialists to your Dublin-area office for corporate traveling chair massages that will leave everyone feeling relaxed and restored. Chair massages allow our massage therapists to focus on your upper body, with emphasis on the neck and shoulders: exactly where most office workers carry their tension. This is a great way to improve office morale and help your team recharge, especially following a major accomplishment or challenging season.

Our massage therapists use many techniques including Swedish massage to release trapped toxins for improved muscle function. Our massages also reduce stress and encourage a productive work environment.

Traveling chair massages are also available for parties and special events. To reserve chair massages for your event, please contact the guest advisors of Spavia in Dublin. We look forward to helping you and your team relax.

*Special note: corporate chair massages are at a two-hour minimum and include an automatic 15 percent gratuity.

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