fijian hand and foot spa treatments in Dublin

the fijian perfecting treatment combines the best aspects of our sugar scrub & hydrating hand/foot massage

* pricing and services vary by location

  • fire | corrective
  • water | maintenance
  • stones | preventative
spavia fijian perfecting hand or foot treatment schedule spavia fijian perfecting hand or foot treatment schedule

fijian perfecting hand or foot treatment

Discover the south pacific’s secret to beautiful skin with this amazing hand or foot spa treatment. This body polishing treatment enhances your skin’s own natural processes to achieve beautiful, glowing skin.

The specialists at our Dublin location transform your spa day into a luxurious escape from reality by applying a raw sugar cane body scrub on your hands or feet. This sugar scrub treatment gently buffs away dry skin, leaving your hands or feet feeling incredibly soft and smooth. Your body will soak in naturally occurring alpha hydroxy agents for a soft, smooth feel. This is followed by an oil rub, rich in cold-pressed virgin coconut and drift nut oils. These are deeply moisturizing and have nourishing properties to lock in moisture while conditioning your thirsty skin.

Add this hand or foot treatment to any signature massage, facial, or beauty treatment for best results. Talk to a guest advisor at the spavia day spa in Dublin for more details!
*allergy notice: Fijian hand/foot treatment contains nut oils

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