marty langenderfer,

marty langenderferfounder and ceo

marty is a spavia founder and an entrepreneur at heart. he is driven to create concepts that achieve excellence. as an entrepreneur, marty has an unorthodox background having started as a cpa in a big six accounting firm. next stop was an mba at cornell universities johnson graduate school of management, before landing at american airlines sabre division where he found his first “start up” travelocity. lessons learned from helping build travelocity from inception were to build a foundation to last.

launching a new travel concept inside a fortune 100 company was an incredible challenge. after travelocity, came echostar,where marty focused on marketing, customer retention and customer service. during his wild ride as a director and then vp at echostar, the company grew from under a million to over ten million subscribers. at his core, marty is very focused on customer retention, enjoying the challenge of growing a business through customer returns. marty enjoys travel and leisure and now at spavia has helped create a very new model. as a startup, the adventure at spavia is just beginning.