9 Ways to Restore Your Facial Skin at Spavia™ Greenwood Village

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Your facial skin is the most delicate and sensitive skin on your body. It needs rich, hydrating skincare treatments to help you look your absolute best. Home beauty care is not always effective, however, and you will often find that your face is parched, leaving you with tight and peeling dry spots. Thankfully, you have spavia™ day spa right around the corner with some of the best facial spa treatments found in the Denver metro area. The spa specialists at our Greenwood Village location share why a facial is the best first defense for your face. Most skincare treatments work to rehydrate and correct the skin to help restore its natural glow. Learn more about the nine different facial spa treatments we have waiting for you.

H2: What Makes a Facial the Best Solution for My Skincare Needs?
When seeking a skincare spa treatment, it’s important to look for a multi-step process. Exfoliation, cleansing and microdermabrasion are shocking to your face, and it needs hydration more than ever following these types of aggressive treatments. A true signature facial will cover your face’s targeted zones and problems while providing the renewal it needs. These types of skin care treatments often include a deep cleanse, a special mask with vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin, extractions, massage, and a re-hydrating cream or mask to rejuvenate the skin.

Other specialized skin care facials will target fine lines and wrinkles more aggressively, stimulating facial healing, soothing skin irritation, balancing the complexion, and stimulating collagen production. Here’s a quick guide of which spavia™ facial treatment are right for your needs:

Age defense facial – rich in peptides and antioxidants to re-hydrate dry skin and reduce the signs of aging
Balancing facial – rich in antioxidants to rebalance all skin types with essential nutrients
Deep cleanse facial – targeted skin care that reduces pores and provides purification and healing to irritated skin, usually from acne or rosacea
Vita-c radiance facial – vitamin-c rich treatment that hydrates the skin to reduce appearance of sun damage and other aging symptoms
Hydraderm microdermabrasion treatment – Skin care with microdermabrasion to buff the skin, followed by serums to replenish the skin and correct common signs of aging and environmental damage
Skin renewal peels – treatment that shocks the face by removing all irritants and stimulates collagen production for ultimate skin renewal

H2: What Else Can I Do to Refresh My Skin’s Glow?
Your skin will naturally produce a healthy glow when hydration is both internal and external. Some also opt for more immediate results. You can also request the sun-kissed tanning treatment at spavia™ in Greenwood Village. This skin care service is a bronzing application that follows a full-body scrub to exfoliate the surface and prepare it for a beautiful golden hue.

Sometimes it’s not the skin that needs a change to look healthier. Changing your makeup application or opting for eyelash extensions can do wonders for your face. We will soon be offering this type of facial care service for all Greenwood Village guests and returning members. You will look amazing day after day without the need for all the mascara and other heavy eye make-up.

No matter which skin care treatment you choose, spavia™ strives to make your day spa experience affordable and accessible. Opt for our flexible membership options for instant savings on all our relaxing and rejuvenating experiences. Ask any of our guest advisors for more information!