3 Ways Spavia™ Sports Massage Provides Injury Therapy

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Sports-related injuries are the cause of most common visits to urgent care facilities throughout the nation. In fact, ankle, knee or shoulder sprains top the list of sports injuries seen at these medical centers. Other notable reasons for emergency medical care include shin splints, lower back pain and other types of pulled muscles.

In Denver, CO, residents are not safe from any type of sports-related injuries, but there is a solution that is often overlooked when treating these types of muscle or tendon strains. Sports massages are customized treatment plans that promote muscle relaxation and healing, since massage helps the body release the necessary acids to repair muscle fibers from training and overuse. Staying hydrated is the only other method of treatment that helps muscle tissue repair itself naturally. Pain killers and other methods of reducing irritation and swelling only target the pain receptors rather than aiding the actual healing process.

When your muscles experience any kind of stress, toxins such as lactic acid can get trapped and cause even deeper discomfort, sometimes resulting in swelling and other uncomfortable symptoms. Sports injury massages in Denver promote both athletic performance and muscle recovery even if no injury is evident. After a game your muscles are overstretched and prone to tighten up without proper recovery.

Here are three ways sports massages can provide injury therapy. The massage specialists at our Greenwood Village day spa look forward to helping you achieve muscle recovery.

Treatment before the event – Getting pre-treatment helps reduce the possibility of injury (aside from rough gameplay). When your muscles are warmed up properly, they function better and allow you to focus on the real game.

Treatment after the event – Get a spavia™ sports massage in Denver after your game to relax your muscles and release lactic acid to speed up recovery. This is a great way to treat yourself after an intense practice or game. Speed up your recovery with hot stone massage therapy that releases any knots and tension under the warmth of the basalt river stones.

Treatment following a sports injury – Hopefully this will not happen to you, but injuries do occur during game play. Seek massage therapy to help you rehabilitate your sprained muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Players of all types of sports can benefit from the customized sports massage solutions found at the spavia™ day spa in Greenwood Village. Treatments are available in 60, 80 and 100-minute increments. You are only one hour from feeling more relaxed in mind and body. Take advantage of the spavia™ membership perks and pre-schedule your next sports massage at our location near Denver, CO.